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In 1993, Don and Bobetta Jones founded a youth organization for the children of 
Durham that would offer an opportunity for young people to learn discipline, respect,
 team work, self-confidence and develop a love for the game of football.  

This organization would be known as the Durham Eagles Athletic Association.
Over the following fifteen years, more than 3,000 children have had the opportunity
 to develop their athletic skills with an emphasis on character, leadership and academics. To that end, the D.E.A.A. is very proud to announce the establishment of a new scholarship; a college scholarship that is available to ALL boys and girls who participate in football with the Durham Eagles.  

The scholarship is funded and maintained by the Triangle Community Foundation.
TCF is a nonprofit organization that connects philanthropic resources
with community needs, creates opportunities for enlightened change,
 and encourages philanthropy as a way of life.

You can download more information here