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Volunteering is important to our football program.
Home games simply cannot happen without everyone donating a few hours during the season.
Pop Warner and Durham Eagles are both volunteer based and without volunteers, our players can't play football and have a great time.

Q:  How long will I have to do the job I volunteer for?

A:  One game. Not the whole day. Just one game for one age group.

  Will my volunteering make me miss my child's game?

A:  No. The Durham Eagles will not ask any parent to fulfill a volunteer position in which they would not be able to see their child's event. We will always try to schedule the sign up sheet for either the game scheduled just before your child's game or for the game following your child's game. However, sometimes you may be asked to fill a volunteer position during your child's game by your team parent, but it would NEVER be a position in which you would not get to watch your child (such as being the Gatekeeper). It would be something like being the Spotter (sitting up in the press box) or working the Chain Crew (down on the field).

Q:  What is expected of the scholarship parents?

A:  All parents are expected to volunteer in some capacity and will be provided with opportunity during the season.  If your son/daughter has received a scholarship to play with the Durham Eagles then you (or a member of your family) are required to volunteer twice during the regular season. Also, in an effort to help assist the organization with filling the harder to fill volunteer jobs we request that the scholarship parent (or family member) volunteer for one of the three following positions:

  • Scoreboard
  • Spotter
  • Concession

Q:  What is expected of the non-scholarship parents?

A:  All parents are expected to volunteer in some capacity and will be provided with opportunity during the season.  If you're son/daughter is not on a scholarship with the Eagles then you (or a member of your family) are only required to volunteer only once during the regular and post season when necessary.

Q:  "What the heck do I actually have to do if I volunteer to be the __________?"

Chain Crew:
    Requirements: at least 15 years old
    Description: Standing down on the sidelines using the down and distance markers. Basic knowledge of football is helpful but not necessary. The referee informs you of exactly what to do and where to go throughout the game. It is the most "physical" of all the volunteer jobs as you will be instructed to move up and down the field but it is not stressful.

Scoreboard Operator:
    Requirements: at least 18 years old
    Description: Runs the scoreboard during home games and helps the announcer with players and numbers. May sound kind of scary but it isn't. Simply watch the official and he will inform you of exactly when to start and stop the clock (just pushing a button) and putting the scores up on the board are as simple as pushing some buttons as well.

at least 18 years
Uses the sound system during home games to announce teams, call the game and advertise our sponsors on a regular basis.  Knowledge of football is required.

at least 15 years old
Sits up in the press box and helps the announcer with players and numbers. Basically tell the announcer what number ran the ball, caught the ball, or made the tackle. It's that simple (but for some reason people always seem nervous to volunteer for this one).

Gate Keeper: 
Sits at the gate and collects money for admission.